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World Class Hosting Facilities

When you choose i4 Solutions for your web hosting, you can be sure that you are getting the best in technical infrastructure.  Our data centre is located at the state-of-the-art Global Switch Data Centre facility in Sydney, Australia.

Global Switch is Australia's largest carrier neutral facility giving i4 Solutons customers the very best in environment, security and back-up systems.

At i4 Solutions, we:
  • use quality hardware and software including fibre channel RAID storage devices
  • ensure that there is no single point of failure with fully redundant, load-balanced web clusters
  • continuously monitor all systems and servers
  • conduct daily back-ups with offsite archives of weekly and monthly backups
State-of-the-Art Secure Environment
The data centre maintains the highest level of building security around the clock.  The centre's multiple CCTV points, secure entries and exits and limited access areas are all managed by building control staff 24x7.

An optimal operating environment is maintained at all times.  The temperature in the technical space stays at 22°C (±2°C), with a humidity range of 50% (±10%).  Fire detection and suppression equipment includes smoke and heat detectors in all areas, dry pipe sprinklers in technical areas, dry risers to all floors and smoke and gas clearance system.
The power supply is provided through a minimum N+1 redundancy with the main power supplied via two 33kV dedicated incomers plus a diverse A&B power supply distributed at 11kV via a rotary UPS and multiple ring main circuits.  All power and cooling in the data centre are supported by up to 22 rotary UPS units.

During power outages, there is an on-site diesel power generator (360,000 litre capacity) that can support the centre at full capacity for 24 hours.  This is backed up by a 2 hour / 24x7 fuel delivery contract.

High Speed Data
The data centre features a dedicated 155 MBit STM1 ATM link, and multiple OC3 internet connections with 6MB available PVC for failover.

Redundancy exists at every level with each point of failure protected by a fully automated fail-over replacement.